Valentina Rigoni Jewels

Art and jewels! My job is my passion, my passion becomes your beauty!

Handmade jewelery with a contemporary design.

Valentina Rigoni 

Jewelry Designer 

The research of Valentina Rigoni comes from several disciplines such as jewelry, design, fashion and art itself; materials often considered separately, she knows how to wisely reconcile them in a personal vision.

Through her work, the jewel (among others), is transformed into a meaningful meta-language, telling something that goes beyond its primary function of accessory, redefining itself instead in part of the most complex contemporary art world. Each creation expresses its uniqueness: small works that recover traditional craftsmanship, are combined with eccentric materials, in all kind of shapes.

Jewels that are linked inextricably to the wearer, turning into real objects-subjects, simulacra of the most intimate moment of our soul.

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